In UCI v Alex Rasmussen & Denmark NOC &SF, the Court of Arbitration for Sport was reviewing the Demark NOC and Sports Federation’s decision in favour of cyclist, Alex Rasmussen, in relation to a claimed failure to comply with location notification obligations. The WADA Rules (and the Denmark Association rules) make a combination of three missed tests and/or filing failures within 18 months constitutes an anti-doping rule violation. The Rules require athletes to provide/keep updated, their “whereabouts” for the purpose of out-of-competition testing. Rasmussen had failed to keep his whereabouts updated in in February 2010, during 3rd quarter 2010, and (this was a disputed breach) on 28 April 2011. In relation to the 28 April 2011 filing failure, the breach had not been notified by UCI to Rasmussen within 14 days, as required under the IST (International Testing Standard). The Tribunal concluded that the UCI failure 2011 to notify Rasmussen within 14 days did not prevent UCI from recording it as a missed test, on a number of grounds, including that

a departure from the IST can invalidate the finding of an anti-doping rule violation only in the event that the particular anti-doping  rule violation had been caused by the departure itself. The Tribunal reduced the period of suspension form 2 years to 18 months (relating to degree of guilt), and determined that the suspension start from October 2011, when ineligibility was first imposed.